IPM in Manaus, Brazil

“To reach” means to stretch out in a specific direction in order to touch or grasp something. The REACH Project is a lifelong story of how Faith Church stretches out in order to touch lives and grasp hearts that are hurting and broken so they might find restoration in Christ. We are not the only ones reaching, however. Just as we are extending our hand, IPM, a church in Manaus, Brazil, is reaching out to grab ours. Because of your generosity, the REACH Project allowed a relationship and a vision to build.

IPM and Faith Church connected through the Reformed Church in America in early 2015. With similar hearts for evangelism, we were overwhelmed to hear of the incredible work God had done through this tiny church in the Amazon. 30 churches in the city of Manaus and over 100 churches along the Rio Negro and Amazon River were planted with the guidance and heart of Pastor Djard and IPM.

As followers of Christ, our purpose is to share His love across all nations and to the ends of the earth. The RCA encouraged Faith Church to support IPM in the upcoming years with financial and missionary provisions. We accepted this call with open arms and so are you. By participating in the REACH Project, your funds are going to IPM to help the people of Brazil flourish mentally, physically, and spiritually.

The Amazon is home to over 10,000 villages with poor education, teachers, and training leaving students with insufficient knowledge and skills to hold a decent job. IPM purchased land in Itapeacu using funds from the REACH Project with intentions to build adequate schools on this land. These schools will teach programs ranging from English, computer, and agriculture classes, all the way to dance, discipleship, sewing, and cooking.  Fighting against addictions, insecurities, and weakened hearts are ways these schools will strengthen the people of Brazil.

We are now in halftime for the REACH Project and half way to our financial goal. Let us finish strong with hearts set on fulfilling our purpose as followers of Christ. We are not in halftime of furthering God’s Kingdom, for our purpose is a lifelong call and not simply a temporary space in our budgets. Be encouraged to stand by Faith Church and IPM for we are in this with a unified vision and heart.

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